How to Care Calathea Happy in the Winter

Calathea is a tropical plant. It has been adapted as a houseplant due to its stunning foliage. If you have several tropical plants in your house, you may know that those plants do not enjoy winter. Calathea plants prefer warm conditions, opposite to the winter conditions. Well, in this article, we are going to share how to care for calathea in the winter.

To keep your Calathea healthy in the winter, you need to remember the following:

  • You have to water your Calathea when the topsoil gets somewhat dry.
  • You have to install a humidifier to maintain the humidity around your Calathea.
  • Please move your Calathea away from cold drafts.
  • Ensure your Calathea gets medium bright sunlight.
  • You have to stop fertilizing your Calathea after the fall season.
  • You have to check for pest infestation and spray neem oil once a month.

Picture of Calathea Happy in the Winter

This page will dive deep into finding the right conditions to help you take care of your Calathea in the winter.

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Calathea Winter Care

Lots of Calathea owners have reported killing their calathea plant during winter. Because winter is the most unsuitable season of the year for this Calathea plant. It will react to the slightest mistakes and then can end up dying. When winter approaches, Calathea plants will go into a dormant period due to low temperatures and low light.

Because these Calathea plants do not find favorable conditions during winter, they will stop growing and rest to save all the energy used for growth when the growing season arrives. But, these Calathea plants might need some help and attention from your end to assist it survive the winter. Now, let us look at some factors which you might need to focus on.

Factors Affecting Calathea in the Winter

Here are some factors that you have to take care of while caring for your Calathea in the winter.


In the winter, the intensity and duration of the sunlight reduces, thus your Calathea will fail to receive 8-10 hours of sunlight every day. You are able to move your Calathea outside in the morning if the temperatures are not too low. If the temperatures are too low to move your Calathea outside, you are able to use artificial lights to give it enough light. Even though Calathea goes dormant in the winter, it needs enough light to keep it from becoming leggy.


Apparently, Calathea is a finicky plant when it comes to its water requirements. The plant neither needs waterlogged soil nor dry soil. Maintaining the balance will be more difficult in the winter. But, your Calathea will still need less water during the winter season. This is because the soil will take longer to get dry during winter. Lower light intensity and duration, thus the Calathea plant will get thirsty less often. Do not follow the usual watering routine. And you have to water your Calathea less during winter. Also, check on the soil’s moisture to ensure it does not get dry. Please water whenever the top layer feels dry.


The Calathea plant prefers warm conditions and needs temperatures between 65-80°F. In the winter, temperatures will be able to fall much below 65°F. It will not be good for your plant. Therefore, you have to find a method to deal with this problem and keep the plant warm.

  • Please do not take your Calathea outside in the low temperatures during the winter.
  • You are able to place your plant near an East or South facing window.
  • Please do not keep the Calathea near doors and windows which are closed and opened frequently.
  • You have to keep your Calathea away from frosty windows.
  • You do not place your Calathea too close to heaters, radiators, or fireplaces.
  • You are able to expose your Calathea to direct sunlight in the morning for 3 up to 4 hours during winter.


Need to know that Calathea plants prefer high humidity. In its native lands, the plants get humidity above 70%. But that is impossible indoors. Maintaining a humidity of over 50 percent will be sufficient for your plant. In the winter, the humidity may drop below that. If your plant has not been receiving enough humidity, then it will show dry and brown leaves. Do not worry, there are several methods that you can do to increase the humidity for your Calathea.

  • You are able to Install humidifier near your Calathea.
  • Please keep your Calathea in the bathroom if the plant gets enough light and the correct temperatures.
  • You have to use a pebble tray to increase the humidity of your Calathea.
  • You are able to mist the plant to keep it humid.


Calathea plants need fertilizers only during the growing season to support its growth. But you have to reduce the fertilizing when winter approaches and stop fertilizing entirely in the winter. Remember that adding fertilizers during winter does no good to your plant. If you have fertilized your plant sufficiently during the growing season, it will not require any during the winter. You are able to resume fertilizing with the approach of the growing season, which is summer and spring.

Winter Care Tips for Calathea Plants

Here are some tips that will help you take care of your Calathea plant during winter:

  • You have to stop fertilizing your Calathea plant during winter.
  • You do not expose your plant to low temperatures, frost, or cold drafts.
  • Please expose your plant to direct sunlight for 3 to 4 hours in the morning.
  • You have to reduce watering your plant during winter, but do not let the soil go dry.
  • If the leaves collect dust, you have to clean the leaves with a wet cloth to assist the leaves function efficiently.
  • If you mist your plant to boost the humidity, you are able to wipe the leaves after several times.
  • Please do not put your plant near a radiator, fireplace, or other heating sources, because it will make the plant stressed.
  • Watch out for the spider mites and other pests. You are able to add several neem soils to the water while misting your plant with it.
  • If you notice yellow or brown leaves, you are able to use a pruner to remove them from your Calathea.

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