How Much Light Does a Calathea Ornata Need

As a living plant, Calathea Ornata is a shade loving plant which does not like sunlight. In other words, Calathea Ornata really need bright, but no direct sunlight to grow. Certainly, it may be confusing for you where to place your Calathea Ornata, particularly since this is your first time bringing this living plant to your home.

Even though Calathea Ornata prefers to grow in indirect light, this plant also has the light requirements to make it grow well. If you do not know how much light the Calathea Ornata needs, you can dive into our post to find out the information about it. Let’s check it out!

How Much Light Does a Calathea Ornata Need to Grow Well?

Calathea Ornata Sunlight Needs

It is known that Calathea are tropical plants. In terms of light requirements, Calathea Ornata really needs bright indirect light. The best spot to place this plant is close to a south-facing window in which this plant will get indirect sunlight. You should ensure that your plant does not get too much direct sunlight. If not, the stunning leaves will start to fade.

You may need to put your Calathea Ornata in a bright location in which there’s plenty of indirect sunlight. In this case, the bright light will keep the leaves glossy and the pink stripes vibrant, though it grows well in low light. For healthy growth, Calathea Ornata will need between 6 and 8 hours of light.

As a clue, the perfect spot to place Calathea Ornata is in an east- or west-facing room near a window. You also need to keep your plant away from the window or shade it from direct sunlight if you have your plant in a south-facing room. You may notice that the creamy-white pinstripes turn to pink as the Calathea plant matures with plenty of bright light.

If you see that the leaves show signs of burning, you need to immediately move your plant to a shadier location that is aways from direct sunlight. If you live in zones 10 and 11, your Calathea will thrive outdoors. Of course, the large foliage will make them great as ground cover plants in partial shade.

If you live in a temperate climate, you may need to move a Calathea Ornata Outdoors in summer. It’s important to note, you can bring the living plan inside if the temperature drops below 60°F (15°C).

Where to Place the Calathea Ornata at Your Home?

As we’ve mentioned, Calathea Ornata will be perfect to keep in the house. However, this living plant will color your home in dark locations in your home, such as in the hall. You can also put your Calathea Ornata in your bathroom, as this plant loves low-light environments.

To watch the stunning leaves of Calathea Ornata close in the evening, you can also place your plant in the bedroom. In the morning when the first light comes through the windows, you can see the plant extends its leaves and unfolds again. So, let’s say that Calathea Ornata actually provides rhythm in a lot of places in the house.

Calathea Ornata will be best served at temperatures between 15 and 23 degrees. As a living plant, Calathea Ornata has a special feature where their leaves can close when the amount of light decreases. It does not wonder if this plant has a day and night rhythm that has earned it the nickname of living plant. Additionally, the closing of the leaves is actually audible, with a rustling sound.

If you’re deciding to place your Calathea Ornata around your home, make sure this plant has access to plenty of moderate, indirect light. The perfect spot is the one that is bright, but shaded, especially near an east-facing window with a shade or curtain.

Why is Calathea Ornata the Perfect Plant for Your Home?

If you have a plant to improve your house look with plants, Calathea Ornata is a fantastic houseplant for you to choose. However, this plant will boost your happiness and health. One of the most advantages of houseplants is to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen through the process of photosynthesis.

Certainly, you will be able to increase the oxygen levels of your home and refresh the quality of your air if you add plants to your living space. Just like other houseplants, Calathea Ornata will also remove toxic volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde and benzene from the air. Aside from that, your houseplant will also help pull those toxins out and keep your home fresher and healthier, while most climate-controlled homes trap VOCs inside.

If you have Calathea Ornata at your home, it can even help sharpen your focus. The researches have indicated that students and workers have almost twice as much attentiveness as they’re working in rooms that contain plants.

It is known that Calathea Ornata can help lower your heart rate and blood pressure, reduce your likelihood of colds, dry skin, cough and also sore throat, as well as reduce feelings of fatigue.

According to some studies, Calathea Ornata can also help your anxiety and stress levels. A recent study in the Netherlands, the researchers found that hospital patients with Calathea Ornata available in their room showed lower stress levels than patients without houseplants.

Is a Calathea Ornata Toxic to Pets?

You may know that many houseplants can be harmful to kids and pets, but Calathea Ornata are not one of those plants. In other words, Calathea Ornata plants are not toxic to kids and pets. Of course, you may be able to place this plant anywhere at your home so that you can be rest assured that it will not harm your kids and your pets.

It is known that Calathea Ornata is safe for pets and kids, as it will not harm them as they chew you your Calathea Ornata. Even though you can put this plant anywhere, you should consider placing it in a safe place, as Calathea Ornata is prone to a few pets like spider mites. So, make sure to place your Calathea Ornata away from spider coweb.

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