How Fast Does Calathea Ornata Grow

It is known that Calathea Ornata is a popular plant with stunning leaves and colors, but this plant does not flower very often indoors. This plant is a stunning species with dark green and glossy looking leaves with a pattern. With the gorgeous and unique leaves, Calathea will color your home perfectly.

If you have a plant to grow Calathea Ornata at your home, you may wonder how fast this living plant will grow. However, you may prefer the fast-growing houseplant to slow-growing houseplant. Before growing it at your home, let’s find out how fast Calathea Ornata will grow in our post below!

How Fast Does Calathea Ornata Grow?

How Fast Does Calathea Ornata Grow

With the ability to reach heights of up to ten feet in just six months, Calathea Ornata is a very fast-growing plant. This plant actively grows between the months of March to October as a result of moist soil. When you grow Calathea Ornata, you can prune it back almost indefinitely, allowing it to maintain a manageable size indoors.

It is known that Calathea Ornata will grow back from the base if any part of the stem is broken, allowing you to set its size as needed. This plant can be pruned back to a smaller size. You should do it carefully not to cut off a ‘pup’ or a new sprout growing from the main root system. You can leave the put to continue growing.

Calathea Ornata’s leaves are rather big and really require a lot of light. If you place it in a dark spot in which the leaves are not receiving reliable levels of light, they will face, making it most suitable for an area which receives a lot of sunlight.

Calathea Ornata will generate small sprouts on its stem very early on which can be pinched off to control the plant’s size and shape. It may be possible to control the plant’s growth by eliminating one or two of the oldest leaves on the stems.

You may already know that Calathea Ornata will grow best in humid and warm conditions, even though they will not tolerate direct sunlight. This plant is also very sensitive to frost and may die if exposed to temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit or above 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Calathea Ornata should be put in a room with great air circulation and a temperature 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit when you first bring this plant to your home. For the first three or four weeks, you can cover it several times a week, since it will help it to adjust to its new environment. Once a week, you can reduce the amount of misting to allow them to get more light.

If you let this plant get too dry, it will begin to wilt, so make sure to keep it moist but not soggy. However, if you own a potting soil-based mix, it must not be hard as well. It’s important to note, Calathea Ornata is not a very fast plant, as it has a moderate growth rate under optimal conditions.

Why is Calathea Ornata Unique Houseplant?

Native to South America and ever seen in a lot of tropical climates such as Thailand, Calathea Ornata can be mentioned as a unique plant where it is known for its large leaves. All of the leaves actually have patterns which are totally noticeable whilst their colors are gorgeous.

The leaves of Calathea Ornata grow at the end of long stems which require the proper care and location, so that this plant will continue looking as healthy as possible. If you keep it indoor, your Calathea Ornata will not grow much larger than 2 feet wide or 2 feet tall.

Most planters know that this plant will look attractive indoors, but it can also be possible to keep it outdoors. This plant actually delivers many different areas to life such as porches, patio and decking. It will also color your bedroom and bathroom. Because of its foliage, Calathea Ornata is a perfect plant to place among other plants which have large foliage.

It is known that Calathea Ornata is a famous plant with gorgeous leaves and colors, but it does not flower very often indoors. As the name implies pinstripes, the pink stripes will turn white when the plant ages.

To add to its uniqueness, this plant has underside of the leaf that has a stunning reddish purple color. For more information, Calathea Ornata is a plant which will grow in an upright position. To make sure your Calathea Ornata grows well, it will require a certain level of care to make it not quite a starter plant to grow.

Can You Make Your Calathea Ornate Pinker?

Calathea Ornata is very popular with a distinctive pattern and effervescent colors. This is a perennial plant which is part of the family that is known as the prayer plant or the Maranta family. Having the large size, Calathea Ornata’s leaves not only appear with dark green and glossy leaves, but their leaves can also turn pink.

Surprisingly! You can also contribute to making the leaves of Calathea Ornata pinker easily. To turn the leaves of Calathea Ornata pinker, you just simply place it in a location where it will receive high levels of indirect light. However, it cannot achieve the same effect when you’re placing it in direct sunlight, but it must give it a little more color.

To increase the pink coloring of your Calathea Ornata, you can also wet the leaves and then put them in sunlight for around one hour. Make sure to not leave them out longer than that since they will not be able to get moisture back into their system fast enough.

In this case, the wet leaves will absorb the sunlight and remain pink for several hours until the water evaporates. You also need to put this plant back in indirect light once again after one hour or so. By doing this, it will eliminate the pink color that you gave it.

It’s important to note, Calathea Ornata can be put in indirect light that is not as great as direct sunlight when it comes to placing color in a Calathea Ornata plant, but it would be better than nothing.

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