Calathea Orbifolia Profile and Care Guide

Features, Shapes and Colors

This beautiful Calathea Orbifolia is native to Bolivia, South America. The leaves grow wide and sturdy that can reach 30 cm and have a dark green color with white or silver stripes (metallic stripes) so the color looks better. Although the colors are not diverse, Calathea orbifolia is able to give the impression of a tropical house and become a beautiful green home decoration.

The wide leaves make one leaf look like it blooms closely spaced apart. With all these characters, this plant can create a natural impression like in the forest when placed in the house. Sure, Calathea orbifolia thrives in pots.

Calathea Orbifolia Plant on a Pot
This plant can survive well in warm environments and temperatures ranging from 65 fahrenheit to 80 fahrenheit. However, if the temperature drops below 60 fahrenheit, this plant can be damaged. Calathea orbifolia likes shady places. damp and lots of water.

This plant can grow flowers, but indoors usually Calathea flowers will not bloom. Still, even if there are no flowers, the beauty of this plant will not fade because this plant has such striking leaves.

How to Plant

If you are planning to grow Calathea plants. You must know the correct planting technique so that plants can thrive. Here are some useful planting tips that will help you grow these plants properly.

    1. Prepare Calathea plant seeds
    2. Prepare a large pot
    3. Prepare planting media
    4. Make a planting hole as deep as 5 to 10 cm.
    5. Put the seeds into the soil hole
    6. Compact the planting media around the seeds so that the seeds don’t collapse
    7. Place the pot in a place that is not exposed to direct sunlight

How to Care

Calathea Orbifolia Plant on a Pot with Stand

Well, if the Calathea seeds have been planted well, then the next step is that you have to provide care. Proper care will make plants fertile and grow optimally. Here’s how to care for Calathea plant.

1. Watering
Calathea plants are ornamental plants that can grow in damp places. Therefore, you only need to do watering when the water in the planting media has started to dry. Do not water excessively because it will trigger rot in the roots of ornamental plants.

2. Fertilization
Provision of fertilizer aims to maintain the fertility of this Calathea plant. However, it is not necessary to frequently apply fertilizer. You can fertilize Calathea plants once a month. The type of fertilizer that you can use is NPK fertilizer (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium). This fertilizer is famous for its content which is very useful for ornamental plants that are rich in nutrients.

3. Weeding
In addition to watering and fertilizing, don’t forget to weed the area around the Calathea plant. Weeding is done with the aim of eradicating weeds that are around these plants. Weed plants will interfere with the growth of Calathea plants because they can absorb nutrients that should be for Calathea plants.

4. Lighting
Calathea plants are suitable for homes that have low lighting. Please note, this plant can not grow well in direct sunlight because it will make the leaves turn white. Therefore, place this plant in a room with dim light and not exposed to direct sunlight.

If you do everything right, you won’t have any problems with calathea which often happens.

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