About Seaweed Fertilizer for Calathea

Fertilize your Calathea during the growing season. You are able to use a variety of fertilizers, like seaweed or fish emulsion, compost, or a liquid fertilizer. By the way, how about seaweed emulsion for Calathea? Well, let us discuss that topic here.

Seaweed Fertilizer for Calathea

Apparently, there are some Seaweed fertilizers for Calathea such as the Seaweed Extract Fertilizer and OrganicDews Liquid Seaweed. You are able to use one of them for your Calathea.

Seaweed Fertilizer for Calathea

Seaweed Extract Fertilizer

Need to know that the Seaweed Extract Fertilizer is refined from imported wild leaves. The products include seaweed fertilizer flakes, powder or liquid. It has the characteristics of comprehensive nutrition, good water solubility, high content, good compatibility, quick effect, green organic, and also environmental protection.

    • Item: Standard
    • Appearance: Black Brown Powder
    • Solubility: 99.9%
    • Alginic Acid: 13%-15%
    • PH: 8 – 10
    • Organic Matter: ≥40%
    • Moisture: ≤1.5%
    • Total Nitrogen: 1.0-3.0%
    • Phosphorus: 1.0-5.0%
    • Potassium K2O: ≥16.0%

Seaweed Extract Fertilizer – Functions and Benefit

Here are some functions and benefit of the Seaweed Extract Fertilizer:

  • The Seaweed Extract Fertilizer will promote root growth, decrease successive cropping obstacles, boost the fertilizer application efficiency, and also retard plant senescence.
  • The Seaweed Extract Fertilizer will be able to control and balance the growth of your plant, prevent excessive growth of the branches, and also decrease pruning.
  • The Seaweed Extract Fertilizer will improve the growth of leaves and photosynthesis, which is very good for nutrient accumulation, trans- portion, and storage.
  • Alginate sodium from the Seaweed Extract Fertilizer will be able to improve the budding and flowering ratio, decrease abnormal fruit, small fruit, and also rotten fruit.
  • The Seaweed Extract Fertilizer will make the fruit keep a good shape, bright peel, high sugar content, and also long-term storage.
  • The Seaweed Extract Fertilizer will improve small leaves, yellow or brown leaves, fruit shrink, and other physiological diseases caused by nutrient deficiency.
  • The Seaweed Extract Fertilizer will be able to repel the insects, reduce the spread of the virus caused by the worms, phytoplasma, and bacterial diseases.
  • The Seaweed Extract Fertilizer will increase the capabilities of drought, disease, cold, and flood resistance.
  • The Seaweed Extract Fertilizer will adjust soil PH, increase soil physical structure, keep moisture and fertility, and be conducive to the growth of microorganisms.

The Seaweed Extract Fertilizer Direction for Use

    • Spraying

You are able to dilute it with water 1500-2000 times. Dosage: 0.4-0.6 kg/acre.

    • Crops with one picking

You are able to spray 3 – 4 times in the whole growing period.

    • Crops with some picking

You are able to spray after each picking.

    • Drip Irrigation

You are able to dilute it with water 1500-2000 times. Dosage: 0.6-1.2kg/acre.

Please apply 3 – 4 times in the whole growing period.

    • Marks

Vegetable and fruit products will work best when diluted 600 – 700 times.

OrganicDews Liquid Seaweed

OrganicDews Liquid seaweed is good nourishment for the plants including Calathea. It has hormones; Auxins, Gibberellins, Cytokinins, and many other vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that are natural growth stimulants. Those nutrients will fuel the plant cells growth, and this will result in healthier, stronger, and more disease-resistant plants.

Liquid seaweed fertilizers have hormones that Betaines contribute to overall plant health. You have to know that the auxins are a main hormonal component which regulate the development speed of the plant. Auxins will tend to increase or delay the growth rate of the plant. It will help the flower buds to unfold on time.

Naturally seaweed contains macro and micro nutrients, rich in trace elements, amino acids, natural Hormones (Cytokinins, Gibberellins and Auxins) and NPK for overall growth for the plants. This functions as a catalyst to let your plants use the sun’s energy more effectively so that it promotes stronger and healthier growth.

Need to know that Seaweed extract is extracted from the fresh Brown Algae which is natural, organic and non-toxic utilizing the cold-water process method under high pressure. Thus, it will retain all bio- active and nutrient substances within it.

Benefits of OrganicDews Liquid Seaweed

Here are some benefits of OrganicDews Liquid Seaweed for your plant:

  • Improve Seed Germination

Soaking seeds with this liquid seaweed prior to planting will be able to improve seed germination, root growth, and early seedling vigor. Also, liquid seaweed can be utilized as a rooting solution. You are able to place cuttings in a solution of liquid seaweed, water until roots develop. Then, plant. It will reduce transplant shock and speed root growth.

  • Encourages Root Health

Seaweed contains phosphorus. It will help your plants develop healthy and strong root systems. Also, Seaweed will be able to improve soil texture, extremely improving drainage and aeration. Remember that the plants that grow in soils with good drainage are less likely to have problems with root rot or other diseases caused by excess moisture.

  • Increases Water Holding

Alginates, the sponge-like starches discovered in seaweed, will hold water droplets near the plant roots. It makes moisture available to them without drowning them. Also, they help enrich the soil by feeding a myriad of beneficial microorganisms.

  • Increases Plant Resistance

This will increase uptake of nutrients from the soil, better resistance to frost, increased resistance to the pests, and best of all, increased yields. Seaweed fertilizers are able to be used as a soil treatment. Since most plants will absorb their nutrients through the leaves, applying it in a foliar way will benefit the plant even more. When the plant absorbs sunlight, it is also going to absorb the nutrients in the fertilizer.

  • Improved Fruit or Flower Production

Seaweed fertilizer will increase variety crop yields. Also, it helps make fruits sweeter. This improvement is likely because seaweed contains phosphorus, which is recognized for assisting with healthy fruit growth.

  • Home Compost

To get those benefits from seaweed, you are able to add seaweed to your compost pile or incorporate several seaweeds into the soil. Using seaweed for compost will improve soil consistency and also increase water retention in sandy or grainy soils. Aside from that, it may be used as a top or side dressing.

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