3 Common Problems that Often Attack Calathea Plants (Yellow leaves, Curling, Drooping) and Their Solutions

Calathea plants have various types and all types are favorites for ornamental plant lovers. Not only planted in the yard, this plant can also grow well indoors. Although easy to grow, calathea still requires care and adequate sunlight, not too little and not too much.

If you provide the right care, the problems that often arise in this plant will be easily resolved.

Yellowed Calathea Leaves

Yellow Calathea Leaves

Many things can cause Calathea leaves to turn yellow, including:

  • Too much water: if you are growing calathea in a pot, you should make sure the pot drainage is good and there is no water standing in the roots.
  • Excessive sun exposure: this can also cause pattern loss on the calathea leaves. If it is exposed to direct sunlight for too long, the leaves will turn yellow and dry.
  • Repotting: this plant is quite fussy when it occupies a new pot. If you’ve just bought a calathea and want to transplant it in a pot, it’s best to let it adapt first so the plant doesn’t get stressed.
  • Too much or too little fertilizer: it is better to apply enough fertilizer and not too much so that the leaves do not turn yellow.

Curly Calathea Leaves

Curled Calathea Leaves

If the calathea plant leaves curl and wilt, this could be an indication that the plant is not getting enough water.

However, this symptom is also a sign that Calathea is getting too much water. For that you should water the plants sufficiently and do not let the water stagnate and make the soil moist. You can pay attention to the following signs:

  • If the soil is dry, water the plant with sufficient water. If the leaves return to bloom and don’t curl in a few hours, this means you’ll need to adjust the amount of water and the time of watering.
  • If the soil is moist but the leaves are wilting, prick the soil with a chopstick. This is to ensure water reaches the roots.
  • If the leaves are still wilting even though the soil isn’t dry, you may be giving it too much water. This causes the roots to rot, it is best to remove the plant and check the roots.

Calathea Leaves Lost their Pattern and Color

Calathea Leaves Drooping - Lost their Pattern and Color

Calathea is favored for its beautiful leaf pattern, of course it would be a pity if the pattern on the leaves faded. Things that cause leaves to lose their pattern include:

  • Too much light: if a calathea plant gets too much light, the leaves will fade and become translucent.
  • Too little light: too little light is not good for a calathea plant. We recommend that you put it in a place with sufficient light and not too exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Less fertile: use a special ornamental plant fertilizer for leaves so that the color and pattern of calathea returns and does not fade.

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